Hail hammers golf course

GRANT, Neb.-- Monday evening's hail storm packed a punch for people in Grant and the storm did not leave the local golf course untouched.

The course superintendent, his wife, and a few others made their way to the Pheasant Run Golf Club early on Tuesday morning to assess the damage.

They found hundreds of tiny dents on top of the usually smooth grass along the course.They describe the hail as being large and having jagged edges.

"The hail, being as hard as they were and a big as they were, I knew the greens were going to get some damage to them and some of the trees, too," Bill Bardsley, the course superintendent, said. "It wasn't good."

Bardsley says that the storm passed over the course in about 15 minutes. He says that he is thankful there was not a lot of wind to make it worse.

He says an insurance agent was at the course on Tuesday to look at the damage and that it will take weeks until things return to normal.