Greenhouse growing schedules impacted by harsh winter

The long winter has had an impact on all plants, even those growing indoors. The owners of North Platte's Garden Glove and Chaser's greenhouse have experienced setbacks early in their spring growing season.

Shipments of geraniums, a very popular annual, froze while being shipped to both locations during winter storms.

Penny Billingsley, owner of the Garden Glove, explained why her greenhouses are now behind their regular spring growing season schedule.

"The freight is kind of being held up because of the weather as well. Whenever there's bad icy roads or bad weather to the east of us it affects where our plants come from. It's got us behind about two weeks. With that being said, if we get some nice warm days and some sunshine hopefully everything will catch up," said Billingsley.

Roxie Chase, owner of Chaser's Greenhouse has other recommendations for those looking to put their green thumb to work before the ground finally thaws.

"Clean out their old pots, make sure they're ready to roll, order in fertilizers, look at pictures and dream. Decide what colors you want to use, look at the catalogs, all of the books they send ya. The pile of nursery catalogs you you get every year, look through them and see what's new and exciting. And them come shop," commented Chase.

Both greenhouse owners remain hopeful in a busy upcoming gardening season. They suspect customers to be itching to get out in their yards and spend time with their plants.