Hastings Public schools to lock classroom doors for safety

(Image Source: National Education Assoc. / MGN)
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - In the wake of a number of school shootings which have claimed the lives of both teachers and students, the Hastings Public Schools will require locked classroom doors before instruction starts.

Director of finance and operations Jeff Schneider told KSNBLocal4 that the action comes after the district's safety team recently took the so-called "I Love You Guys" protocol training. "I Love You Guys" was the message in the final text sent by a victim of a shooting incident in Colorado.

Schneider said the new policy will be implemented over a period of time in January at the Hastings high school, middle school and each elementary school. Schneider said the classroom doors will be locked so that students will be able to get out, but no-one will be able to get in the room without a key. He said some of the newer buildings in the district are already set up that way.

Schneider said that the school is required to perform safety audits. Through the audit process, the school identified the "I Love You Guys" protocol as a measure of added safety. He said it may be inconvenient under certain circumstances, but that the district decided this protocol would keep students safest.

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