Heavy flooding along North Platte River due to ice jams

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Ice jams are causing heavy flooding along the North Platte River and with more brutal cold temperatures on the way, landowners are being asked to take precautions for more potential flooding.

A flood advisory is in effect until Friday night, but the likelihood for a flood warning is still possible through Sunday evening.

The National Weather Service in North Platte has been monitoring the river since February 6th.

However, the river peaked at 6.83 feet at Cody Park on Wednesday, which made it the third highest crest in history.

Flood stage is 6 feet and levels could remain at 5.9 feet through the weekend.

"The initial threat for any kind of ice jam is going to be right along the river until we hit that flood stage," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Brandon Thorne. "The major flood stage which is at 7 feet, will be just minor flooding in and around the river."

Meteorologist say landowners should continue to monitor the forecast.

The good news, above average temperatures are expected after the weekend, which will help with the ice jam threat.