Highway 30 construction project to be complete in November

NEAR SUTHERLAND, Neb. KNOP-TV It's a busy time of year for the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

"We have a lot of work not only here on Highway 30, but as most people see we have a lot of work on the interstate as well," said Nebraska Department of Transportation District Six Project Manager Gary Brinker.

For the past three months, Highway 30 has been closed to traffic to repair the asphalt between Sutherland and Hershey.

"The asphalt was originally done in the late 90's so the life of the asphalt has passed and its time to replace it," Brinker said. "We do a lot of white topping in our district and we can put 5 inches of white concrete pavement down and it seems to fit our traffic."

The project is part of a series of projects that have been ongoing throughout the district since 2010.

"To the west of us, Sutherland to Paxton has already been white topped, Paxton onto Roscoe has been white topped," Brinker said. "Coming back towards the east, Brady to Gothenburg has been white topped and Cozad to Lexington has been white topped."

Crews want to remind the public that the highway is only open to local traffic.

"The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department has been on the project quite a bit to help enforce the local law," said Brinker. "Also, with that being said, Highway 30 in the work area has been reduced to 35 miles per hour and so they've been enforcing the speed limit as well."

The highway is expected to open to traffic in September. However, the entire project will not be complete until November.