Housing out of county inmates brings Lincoln County revenue

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Lincoln County Detention Center gets a large amount of revenue from housing out of county inmates. Lincoln County Commissioners approved a new contract for Furnas County Monday.

The jail currently has contracts to house inmates from over 10 surrounding counties. Housing out of county inmates helps both Lincoln County and surrounding counties bring and save money.

It is cost effective for these counties when they don't have to travel across the state to house their overflow inmates. In 2018 Lincoln County brought in $149,600 from out of county inmates.

Law officials say its a win-win for everyone. Sheriff Jerome Kramer said, "It's good for Lincoln County because it brings more revenue in, because we charge them to house their inmates. And it's also good for them because they're typically older jails that can't handle problem inmates and we have a newer facility and we can handle those problem inmates, and sometimes they're overcrowded and need to get some of those people out of their jails."