Influenza on the rise

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Many families and workplaces are seeing the virus passed from person to person.

The influenza virus is on the rise. (Source: KNOP)

West Central District Health Department's Executive Director Shannon Vanderheiden said a big problem is people believe it's too late to receive the vaccine.

According to Vanderheiden the vaccine is good through May.

One of the best ways to avoid spreading the illness is to be mindful of not sharing it.

"If you're ill and you feel like you're contagious stay home if you're sick," said Vanderheiden. "There's the convenience of the wipes to wipe down carts when you go into public places. We encourage you to do that. Covering your cough when you're coughing or sneezing."

The West Central District Health Department has a full stock of vaccines for those who wish to receive one.

The cost is free to those who qualify.