Interactive Ag day for Maxwell Elementary

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Life on local farms and ranches were replicated in Maxwell Elementary classrooms today.

Students learned about agriculture through hands on activities presented by the Lincoln County Extension Agency and area farmers and ranchers. They were able to replicate the length of the horse's digestive tract with yarn, create a balanced meal, and pet and hold baby farm animals.

Jeff Huffman walked students through the year of a life a farmer and all it entails.

"As long as they know that corn is grown in a safe way and that care is taken to provide them the best quality food. That's a lot of the reason that I come in is to explain that. There's a lot of smiles and a lot of excitement," said Huffman.

Farm Bureau reports that less than two percent of the United States population is comprised of farmers. But that doesn't stop those who work in agriculture from teaching others the importance of knowing where their food comes from.

Extension Educator Brenda Aufdenkamp explained how she made her activity interactive and educational.

"My goal here today is to take those agriculture products and make a connection to them personally..Hopefully they're connecting agriculture, even if they don't live on a farm or a ranch, to their plate at the dinner table every night," remarkedAufdenkamp.