Playground equipment to be installed at Iron Horse Park this spring

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP The North Platte City Council approved the use of $20,000 in Newburn Funds Tuesday to help towards the purchase of playground equipment for Iron Horse Park.

The Kiwanis Club of Buffalo Bill is in charge of the project.

They are the same group that installed the playground equipment at The Connection Homeless Shelter and near the Cody Park Rides and Concession stands.

"I'm over at this facility everyday during the summer time walking my dog, and there is always someone here looking at the Veteran's Memorial, unpacking picnic baskets because they've been on the road for hours, catching a couple of hours of sleep, walking their dogs like I do and there is always kids out here," said Kiwanis Club of Buffalo Bill Secretary Linda Thompson.

So far, the group has raised $35,000 for the project which includes a $15,000 grant from the National Kiwanis Foundation.

"The parks that we build, we have ownership of them, we take a lot of pride in our parks" said Kiwanis Club of Buffalo Bill Member Mike Sovereign. "We go back to the homeless shelter occasionally and make sure all of the bolts are tight and that the park doesn't need any maintenance. We also do the same thing at Cody Park. Once the xylophone was damaged at Cody Park by vandals and we bought a new xylophone for the park. We take it very seriously that we are going to maintain this park."

There is also a need for four or five memorial benches.

For more information contact the city administration's office.

The project is expected to be complete sometime this spring.