Jury finds local man guilty, he could spend 50 years in the penitentiary

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) Richard Requejo has been in jail since May when he was arrested and charged with First Degree Forcible Sexual assault. The victim came forward to police and in her statement claimed that she had been intoxicated at Requejo’s home and refused repeatedly when he undressed her and sexually assaulted her. His bond was set at $250,000.

According to Prosecuting Attorney Danielle Larson, the jury got the case a little after 2pm and came back with a guilty verdict a little after 3:30pm. Larson couldn’t comment as to whether the jury had a hard time reaching their decision but did say that cases like these can be hard on the jury. “I think sex assault cases are hard for people to hear, so I just appreciate their attentiveness,” said Larson.

Requejo awaits sentencing by a judge, for a class II felony he could serve anywhere from 1-50 years in prison. He is also being charged with being a habitual offender. A judge will decide whether he is guilty or innocent of that charge. Larsen says the mandatory minimum if he is found guilty by a judge is 10 years in prison.

As the Prosecuting Attorney, Larson said she was thankful for law enforcement involvement, and that the victim was brave enough to come forward. “Statistics suggest sexual assault is common, convictions are not.”