Keeping ice off your car

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LINCOLN (Neb.( You may not be able to avoid the weather, but odds are you have some items at home that can help you deal with the ice on your car if you don’t have a garage.

Preventing Ice

You can pretreat your windshield by mixing vinegar with water in a spray bottle. But glass professionals say you need to be sure to wipe it off shortly after that or else you could damage the glass. From there you should cover your windshield. You can use an old sheet, a towel or even an old pizza box. Also be sure to lift up your windshield wipers and cover them with an old sock.

Getting Rid of Ice

You can make a deicing solution by mixing rubbing alcohol with water in a spray bottle. But make sure you don’t have any cracks in your windshield, because this solution can make cracks worse.


DO NOT put hot water on your glass. The quick change in temperature can cause it to crack. Also, do not use anything other than a plastic scraper to chip that ice off; you could end up scratching the glass.

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