Keith County receives a donation like none other before

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OGALLALA, Neb. (KNOP) - Keith County received a donation like none other before. With this gift, the community will be able to live work, learn, have fun and prosper.

It was a normal day in Keith County until a substantial gift sent shock waves in the local community. An anonymous donor gifted the Keith County Foundation Fund with 7 million dollars.

A local resident named Drew Krab was in shock, as was the entire community. Snyder said, "We're just very grateful that someone cared so much about the Keith County communities to step up and make that kind of donation, it's incredible."

Keith County Foundation Fund members say they have never seen a donation larger than this. The gift is unrestricted meaning the donor has not put forth any specific guidelines on how the money is used beyond benefiting Keith County and it's residents.

The donation goes into KCFF on a payout plan, that will give the community up to $400,000 every year for many years to come. KCFF Member Ken Snyder said, "Think about what might we do with that money 20 years from now, you understand this payout is going to be each year, every year forever, so we have to be thinking 20 years from now."

Community members say this gift means so much for the future of Keith County. KCFF Member Pam Abbott said, "There are things that can go by the wayside because of time and financial scarcity. We are not operating on that scarcity at this point anymore. We are looking at an opportunity of abundance."

KCFF is still figuring out how they'll use the gift to impact the community. They say early childhood education and housing, among others are on their list.