Kinkaider Brewing Company prepares for its second Oktoberfest

BROKEN BOW, Neb. While Broken Bow will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of it's bandstand this weekend, one mile north of town, Kinkaider Brewing Company will also be holding their Oktoberfest.

This German style celebration is family friendly and goes all day long.

Kinkaider Brewing Company is using this time of year to celebrate the ultimate beer festival.

Kinkaider Brewing Company Managing Partner Cody Schmick said,
"We have a ton of stuff planned. We have live music from 11 A.M. to 11 P.M., music tastes for all different people. We've got a polka band, we have a rock band, a blues band and a country band throughout the day."

And if you can't make the 5,000 mile trip to Munich, Kinkaider is working to provide that German atmosphere.

"The kitchen is doing several things German garlic sausage, and bierocks which are kind of like a Runza pocket sandwich. It's got a filling inside of like beef, and sausage and onions and all kinds of good stuff," said Schmick.

There will also be a corn-hole tournament and a traditional German stein holding contest.

"So we're going to fill you up with beer and you hold that stein out and who ever has the longevity to hold that thing for the longest without dropping your arm, you win a free t-shirt and a free stein. It's kind of a traditional German thing," said Schmick.

This is Kinkaider's second Oktoberfest. Last year they had about 800 people come through the tap room, and this year they're expecting even more.

Schmick said, "Last year on Oktoberfest we went through 28 kegs of beer, so that's the big half barrel kegs is what they're called. It's roughly 25,000 pints of beer is what we go through on this event."

And their feature beer for the event is their Kinkaider Oktoberfest Lager.

"This beer has been hugely popular throughout the state. So we have the last little bit of it here. We actually had to pull it off of our own taps in preparation for this event," said Schmick.

And the kids can even have a fun time as well.

Schmick said, "We are actually placed right next to a pumpkin patch and so if the kids want to go over and hang out in the pumpkin patch. It's two separate deals but we're all on the same farm so there's tons of stuff. There's a pumpkin cannon, there's rides."

During last year's Oktoberfest Kinkaider had 13 different county license plates visit their brewery with people coming from across the state.