New LCSO deputy follows in the footsteps of his father

Published: Oct. 3, 2018 at 9:19 PM CDT
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Zach Kramer never imagined he would be following in his father's footsteps.

"I think when I was little and through high school, I kind of pushed that all away," said Deputy Kramer.

After trying his luck in construction, he gave law enforcement a try.

"One day I was in here and I walked passed the chief deputy's desk and he told me to go get a uniform (he said with a grin.)."

It's an agency his father, Sheriff Jerome Kramer, has led for the past twelve years.

"I don't like to make anybody's choices for them including my own children, so I didn't push him toward or away from law enforcement," he said. "Once I saw he was filling out applications for other agencies, then I started getting a little more interested, because I knew how he was obviously raised and his work ethic and I kind of thought, with the trouble I was having getting employees, why would I want to give one away that I know is excellent?" Sheriff Kramer said.

Zach's transition from detention officer to patrol officer is not uncommon. In fact, Sheriff Kramer prefers it that way.

"The people that come into our detention center as prisoners are as broken people as you'll ever find; they're at their very worst, and for our detention center to work with them until they are at least well again, that's a huge undertaking for an employee," he said. "If they can handle people in that environment where it's thrown at them all day every day; when they get out on the street, they're way ahead of officers who didn't work in a detention center."

For Zach, it's a decision he hasn't looked back on.

"Everybody has different expectations for me and thinks I'm going to get treated a certain way," he said. "But, I think this was the right fit just being with this department and growing up with everybody here."