LEAD program looking for Class 39 applicants

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP Nebraska's LEAD program is looking for 30 men and women who are passionate about agriculture and are looking to take the first step in their leadership journey.

The applicants will make up the Class of 39

Director Terry Henjy says it is critical now more than ever for people to get involved, especially with the ongoing trade negotiations with China and the current state of Nebraska.

"I think having that type of history has prepared Nebraska for a lot of challenges that we probably took for granted," Henjy said. "Leadership is going to be more important than ever for these communities to have those people trained for these future events that could happen and probably will happen, is very important."

Applications are due by June 15.

To request an application call 402-472-6810 or by email at leadprogram@unl.edu.