Lady Knights volunteer at after school Kids Klub

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The North Platte Community College Knights Women’s Basketball Team volunteered with kids at Wednesday at Washington Elementary School.

Wednesday marked week three of an eight week partnership between the North Platte Public Schools Kids Klub and the Lady Knights. Kids Klub provides after school programming at Cody, Eisenhower, Osgood/Lake, Lincoln, Jefferson, Buffalo, McDonald and Washington elementary schools.

The students and players interacted at four different indoor stations which had kid input into what they wanted to be doing.

“Anytime we can have positive role models, such as the Lady Knights, volunteer to come in and share experiences with our students, you can be sure that only good will come of it,” said Carrie Lienemann, director of KIDS Klub. “We are so lucky to have people like Coach Thurman who see the benefit of giving back to the youth in our community. I am so very thankful that he and his team were willing to put this partnership into practice. KIDS Klub is looking forward to spending the next eight weeks with these amazing young women and their coaches."

Nahatabaa Nacona is the point guard on the team and said their coach encourages their community involvement.

"It feels great because our coach always instills you need to give back to our community, they come to your games, you need to go back and show your support to them and the kids so it's actually a good feeling," said Nacona.

Nacona also said she enjoys the Kids Klub activities as a chance to interact with the kids, "My favorite part is seeing kids that know us and they come up to up like hi how are you guys, we go to you guys' games and they'll be smiling or they'll be so shy and just to know that like were kind of their idols and just to show them that we're just as human as they are."

“Community service is a staple of our program, and this is one of many projects our student-athletes have participated in,” said Jeff Thurman, NPCC head women’s basketball coach. “We value our connections with the community and its’ members and businesses. Our objective is to be role models to the elementary students of NPPS, because interacting with and mentoring youth is so important. I think our student-athletes have just as much fun as the kids.”

The Knights have been rotating each week between all eight elementary schools in the North Platte Public School District and will continue until the end of the 2019 school year.