Lake Maloney white bass die-off not caused by disease

Published: Jul. 16, 2018 at 2:57 PM CDT
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The die-off of white bass May 26 at Lake Maloney was not the result of any infectious diseases, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The cause can be attributed to the fish being concentrated in a localized area of the lake, stress due to spawning and a brief period of poor water quality.

Samples were collected and submitted to a fish health laboratory following the die-off. Results from tissue samples indicated several possible causes, but no single cause could be isolated.

The samples indicated poor water quality could have been a contributing factor in the die-off. The white bass were spawning over an extended time this year due to the unusual weather during their normal spawning period. This would result in the fish expending more energy over a prolonged time, making them more susceptible to any additional stressors, such as poor water quality.