UPDATE: Law enforcement arrest wanted man, find drugs in separate incident during search

Law enforcement investigates officer-involved shooting at Kansas Point Campground at Lake Maloney, wanted man arrested. (Photo Courtesy: Lincoln County Detention Center)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the North Platte Police Department arrested a wanted man at Kansas Point campground at Lake Maloney overnight.

North Platte police say deputies responded to the campground around 8 p.m after they learned 37-year-old Aaron Kirts was in the area.

Kirts was wanted for robbery, felony assault, and failing to appear on a second degree trespassing charge. He was spotted in a vehicle with two other people. The driver, identified as 22-year-old Alejandra Shirley, attempted to flee and lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. Shirley was arrested, but Kirts fled on foot into a nearby wooded area.

Shirley was booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center for robbery and flight to avoid arrest.

Lake Maloney homeowners were advised by law enforcement to lock their doors and put away their vehicle keys after being alerted Kirts could be hiding in the area. He was later spotted by a landowner southwest of Lake Maloney and taken into custody around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

In an unrelated incident, as deputies searched the campground for Kirts prior to his arrest, another vehicle entered the campground. The driver, 32-year-old James J. Mitchell refused to get out of the car after marijuana and what appeared to be methamphetamine were spotted in the car.

Deputies were also aware that Mitchell had a warrant for possession of marijuana, over an ounce.

Mitchell struck a deputy with his vehicle as well as a sheriff's patrol vehicle. The deputy suffered minor injuries.

Fearing for their safety, deputies shot at Mitchell after he struck the deputy. Mitchell was disabled by the gunshots. Deputies rendered first aid and an ambulance was called to the scene.

Mitchell was transported to Great Plains Health. Mitchell had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Lincoln County and will face additional charges related to the incident Monday.

However, Sheriff Jerome Kramer said Tuesday Mitchell has since been moved to Omaha, and will not appear in court until he is able.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office shooting review board will review the shooting.

The deputy who shot Mitchell will remain on administrative leave until the review board meets.

The incidents are being investigated by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the North Platte Police Department under the direction of the Lincoln County attorney.

Furthermore, police say Kirts and Shirley were involved in a robbery Sunday night.

According to the police report, around 10:15 p.m. Sunday, the victim told police Kirts and Shirley assaulted her, took her purse and phone. The victim says one of them stood on her throat during the assault. The victim suffered several injuries and was taken to the emergency room.