Law officials warn against distracted driving on intersections

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - In 2018, there were 937 traffic accidents in North Platte. Forty-three were on major intersections in like Leota & Jeffers, Leota & Dewey, and Philip & Dewey. These intersections are some of the most dangerous in North Platte due to the amount of traffic.

The number one cause of these accidents are distracted drivers. Some would argue these are young, elderly or out of state drivers. But the truth is, these are local drivers who are not paying attention to the road.

Officer Kerr says these accidents are happening an average of twice a day. Kerr says, "The locals that are getting into so many accidents, because they get too comfortable along their route and they're forgetting that they need to come to a complete stop at stop signs.
They need to yield to the traffic lights and they need to remember not too be in too much of a hurry when they are going to work and when they are going to the store."

There were no reported deaths during any of the traffic accidents but law officials say its important to reduce distractions and keep your eye on the road.