Learning the latest in agriculture

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP Nebraska's largest industry is on display with more than 120 vendors showcasing the latest trends in the ag industry at the D&N Event Center.

"With any business, you always want to keep a good, strong relationship with your customers and your clients," said North Platte Area Chamber and Development Agri-Business Committee Chairman Jordan Maassen. "This is just a good opportunity for them to to come out and have those talks with them."

It's a two day event Paxton farmer Jed Flaming makes sure he attends every year.

"When I first got back from college, it was a good time in farming in agriculture," he said. "Sometimes it is good to get an opinion for farming practices in general because there is always more than one way to do it."

Josh Bode from Cedar Lane Seeds Precision Planting has had a booth at the expo for the past ten years.

"We're farmers; my family, my dad and my brother, we're all in agriculture," he said. "I guess I'm an optimist. Times aren't as good as they can be right now. It is not easy to make money in agriculture, but there is still some opportunities and availability to make money if you just take advantage of all the tools you have available out there and sort it out with a trusted provider you want to work with, you'll definitely have an opportunity to be profitable in 2019."

It's a challenge UNL Extension Educators know all too well.

"You need to pencil it out and get on the computer to see what is going to make you money and what is not; just because you did it before may not work," said Nebraska Extension Beef Extension Educator Randy Saner. "There are lots of different options out there that we can talk to you about if you want to try something different, but whenever you try a different enterprise there is a risk right? So hopefully we will have some data to manage that risk."

126 vendors from Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado and Iowa are participating this year.

UNL Extension will hold a Cover Crop and Diversifying Your Operation presentation at the expo on Thursday at 10 a.m.

The Tri-State Cow/Calf Symposium will be held at the Wesleyan Church in Imperial Nebraska on February 8 with registration at 9:00 AM and the program starting at 9:30.