Platte Valley Barn gets paint job thanks to Nebraska Tourism Commission volunteers

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. A small army of volunteers banded together Thursday morning to paint the Platte Valley Barn at the Lincoln County Historical Museum.

"I find it really interesting because I don't think I would go to these things I've never heard of because I am not from Nebraska," said Nebraska Tourism marketing intern Kourtney Kaisershot. "So being able to travel to these places and see all of the cool things about them is just like the highlight; it's just really cool."

The project is one of several the Nebraska Tourism Commission is taking up this year as part of its Tourism Serves program.

"We just look for projects and places that just need help and bring volunteers together to complete the project," said Nebraska Tourism Development Consultant Erin Wirth.

The barn project is one museum curator and director Jim Griffin has had his eyes on for quite some time, but due to budget constraints was not able to fulfill.

He applied for the project in January.

"They are providing us with a lot of labor which is great because quite honestly, it can be tough to find enough volunteers because people are busy these days and it's tough to find people and help," Griffin said. "We've had about a dozen ladies out here really helping us here the past two days."

The commission plans to do similar projects in York and in Crofton later this summer.

The Nebraska Tourism is looking for volunteers to maintain tourism destinations across the state.

If you are interested in being a program volunteer, please contact Erin Wirth at or 402-471-3789.