Lexington City Council approves annexation of Heartland Military Museum

LEXINGTON, Neb. KNOP The Lexington City Council moved forward with the annexation of the Heartland Military Museum.

It's a process the city council has looked into for a number of years.

City Manager Joe Pepplitsch says due to the fact that all of the businesses north of the interstate are within city limits, it only made sense to do the same for the museum.

"We've annexed properties up to that point and they are the last property between corporate limits and the interstate," Pepplitsch said. "It was pretty simple to bring them in and to provide police service out there and other public services that we have."

Although the annexation calls for an additional forty acres to the south, the tract will stay the same. Meaning there will be no expansion or renovations done to the land.

Pepplitsch says the only thing that remains is to transfer the electrical power service from Dawson Public Power District to the City's provider.