Lincoln Co sending out Early Voting Application Postcards

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Lincoln County Clerk/Election Commissioner's Office will be mailing out an Early Voting Application Postcard to all registered voters in Lincoln County this week.

Lincoln County Courthouse staff spent the last week working tirelessly to make sure the postcards will be sent out on time. (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)

"What this early voting postcard application does, if you are interested in getting a ballot mail to you for the primary election, you need to return that card to us via mail, or you can put it in the drop box across at the sheriff's office and we will start processing those," said Lincoln County Clerk/Election Commissioner Rebecca Rossell.

If Lincoln County residents do not receive a postcard, Rossell said to go to the Lincoln County website, click the 2020 elections tab, and choose "Early Voting Application." From there, you can print out a form and return it via mail, or drop it off at the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

Rossell said Lincoln County residents have called her office asking for early ballots to be sent, but they cannot set it up over the phone, as they need a voter's signature.

If you wish to register to vote, it can be done online at If you have questions concerning your voter registration, go to

The deadline to submit an application for an early ballot is May 1, and the Nebraska Primary Elections are on May 12.

"There are some important local issues on the ballot this time, as well as state and national, so I think it's important that if people want to vote, they'll have the opportunity to do so," Rossell said.

A group of a little more than a dozen Lincoln County Courthouse staff, and others, prepared around 21,000 postcards to be sent over five days.