Lincoln County Commissioners approve new detention center layout plan

Lincoln County now has solid schematics for the new detention center (Erika Siebring, KNOP TV).

Lincoln County now has solid schematics for the new detention center.
Monday morning the Board of Commissioners approved TreanorHL's schematics with Sheriff Jerome Kramer, finalizing the general layout and floorplan of the new detention center.

Design and development is the next phase, including heating, lighting and security systems.

According to District 1 Commissioner Joe Hewgley, TreanorHL's design should be finished within the next thirty days for the board to view.

"We need to transmit to Treanor because we need to have you get that cost," Hewgley said. "I know they're reaching out for cost, all those things, let's try to get that wrapped up this week somehow. Let's push, see what this cost is going to be, see what the delivery times are going to be."

Sheriff Kramer also listed off some amenities the new center will require.

"Two in one pod and 20 in another, because these are all double-bunk," Kramer said. "So we'll have 52 beds, and then plus on top of that there will be seven new cells in holding, which will be single-bunk."

The board also approved amendments to the county's existing policies for small and commercial wind energy systems.
New restrictions include an increased application fee of $5,000 and making the developer financially responsible for decommissioning a wind turbine if needed.