Lincoln County Sheriff reacts to nationwide and local demonstrations

Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 10:08 PM CDT
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Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer shared his thoughts on the death of George Floyd, as well as the nationwide and local protests.

This past Sunday, he stood alongside North Platte Police Chief Daniel Hudson at the corner of 4th and Jeffers and joined peaceful demonstrators to hear what they had to say.

Kramer says he stood in support of the need for change, including how those marching for justice should be heard and understood.

"They got the Constitutional right to gather and voice their opinion and be seen and heard and understood that they are hurting," Kramer said. "They are hurting, it's another dead black person and regardless of what the color of their skin is, it's bad when somebody dies at the hands of law enforcement."

He says its important that everyone comes together to have strong conversations that result in eliminating racial injustice, which sits at the core of what is taking place across the nation.

"Sometimes you get people who make poor decisions because you are not getting the quality people you want, that's not the case here, this guy had a number of years and he's become how he is, whether it is hatred portraying, I don't know," said Kramer. "I understand that those folks are under pressure as law enforcement far beyond what I am on a daily basis based on the calls they handle but, if they've gotten to a point where they can't maintain their composure and can't treat people decent that needed treated decently, which is everybody, they need to get out of the career."

Kramer says he hopes to increase conversations with the community.

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