Lincoln County road project will save money in the long run

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The road project in Lincoln County is setting to make some changes that could save the county money. The Lincoln County Commissioners discussed a possible road bond for additional maintenance on county roads.

The current budget for the road project is a little over 2 million dollars, but road officials say that might not be enough. They want an additional $2 to $3 million dollars to the budget. Both road and county officials believe additional maintenance now would save money in the long run.
Highway Superintendent Carla O'Dell said, "If we do the roads now, before they're badly broke up like some of them are getting to the point, it will be less expensive than if they break up where we don't even have a base in them and we have to come in and do a three inch maintenance overlay instead of a 2 inch maintenance overlay."

Carla O'Dell will be revising the cost of the additional maintenance before officials make a final decisions.