Living Vietnam Veterans Celebrated

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Normally when there's an event held for Vietnam veterans, it's at a national cemetery. But today they're celebrating the living veterans , which is why it's being at the 20th Century Veteran's Memorial.

Over two million served in the Vietnam War starting back in 1955 and today in 2016, there are only 800 thousand veterans alive with about 371 dying each day. Today, those still alive in Nebraska were presented a pin to thank them for their service half a century ago. Fort McPherson National Cemetery wanted to celebrate these veterans lives rather than only remember them when they're gone.

"A lot of them dedicated their lives to the military service." Fort McPherson National Cemetery Director Mark Polen said. "They left home, left their families, their loved ones, friends, and they went halfway around the world to fight in battles. I think it's important we recognize that."

The service ended with taps retiring the colors. All of the veterans and their families were able to celebrate their lives with a pork dinner.