Local business donates 3K to NP Catholic Schools

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. - KNOP Gary Jones, owner of Modern Tires Pros and Mobile One Lube Express, knows the impact education can have, not only from a parent's standpoint, but also from an employers perspective.

"A lot of times they don't go on to get a higher education or go to trade school and so we see that effect in their math, spelling and writing; if they are writing up a ticket it shows," Jones said. "So it affects us as a business and it affects our community."

For the past seven years, Jones has made it his mission to help local schools through their oil exchange fundraisers.

"Christmas time is a time of giving and sharing and we are just happy to be able to do that," Jones said.

This year, they raised three thousand dollars for the North Platte Catholic Schools Endowment Trust to support the music and band program.

"The instruments can go out of tune easily once they start getting older," said North Platte Catholic Schools K-12 Vocal Teacher Taina Ward. "The piano, we have a couple of notes that stick and they are super loud when the kids are playing, so it will be awesome to get a new piano in the band room."

A fine-tune gesture of kindness.

"We are so thankful to get funds like this from outside people to help us because it really does help support the school and our students," Ward said.