Local volunteer returns from three month deployment with the American Red Cross

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP Local volunteer Chuck Scripter not only dedicates his time to local organizations but, he's also a volunteer for the American Red Cross.

He just returned from a three month deployment where he was sent to assess the damage from Hurricane Florence and Michael, to providing spiritual guidance to the victims from the Camp Fire in California.

Scripter says its been his most difficult deployment to date.

"Regardless of their religious orientation, they have this spirituality, everyone does,' Scripter said. "So what you do is you try to help them bring it out and it's in there, it's inside all of us. And one way you do that is through thankfulness. Even though people have lost everything, you get them to think about "what they are thankful for? What are you grateful for? And they will start expanding. It's like a switch."

Scripter says he will continue to volunteer as long as he has health.

Next month, he leaves with members of the Assembly Church of God to do missionary work in Tanzania.

So far this year, he has donated nearly 1,400 hours of volunteer service from January to September.

This does not include the countless hours he has donated since he starting volunteering for the North Platte Ready to Serve Volunteer Program in 1997.