Locals prepare for winter storm

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP Grocery stores such as Gary's Super Foods and Walmart were packed with people getting the essential items to get them through the weekend Friday afternoon.

"The way I prepare for a storm is, I make sure I have all of the staples. I make sure that we have milk, bread, vegetables, some fruit and we have our own meat," said Linda Hansen. "So that's basically what I do is, go through it in my head."

"I make sure we have what we need; the gas tanks are full so we don't have to plan on leaving," said Carlyn Burkholder.

Hardware stores such as ACE Hardware also saw quite a bit of foot traffic with people grabbing ice scrapers, shovels, and snow blowers.

"People are getting a little nervous about this one with the amount of snow that is coming and the ice," said store manager Doug Wallace. "But, here at ACE, we are ready with whatever comes our way."

The National Weather Service has been coordinating with their partners for some time.

They say much of Greater Nebraska is under a winter storm warning through 6 pm Sunday, which will create hazardous conditions.

Nine to fourteen inches of snow is expected to fall over the next 48 hours.