Trail found competent to stand trial

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SALINE COUNTY -- Aubrey Trail, one of the two people charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Sydney Loofe, was found competent to stand trial on Wednesday.

In a courtroom in Saline County, the decision was made after a competency hearing was held.

Trail is scheduled to stand trial in summer, 2019, and the state has already decided they will try to seek the death penalty.

According to an unsealed probable cause affidavit, Loofe's dismembered remains were found in garbage bags east of Clay Center on December 4th and 5th.

The documents also reveal security video from Home Depot in Lincoln on November 15 shows Trail and Bailey Boswell, another suspect being charged with murder in the case, purchasing tools and supplies believed to be used in the dismemberment and disposal of Loofe's body.

The court records indicate at that time, Loofe was still alive, and began her shift at Menards later that day.

In addition, a forensic pathologist determined the cause of death to be homicidal violence including strangulation.

According to court documents, Trail acknowledged he strangled her to death with an extension cord and Boswell assisted in cleaning up the crime scene and disposing of Loofe’s body.

Timeline of events:
Nov. 14- Boswell picks up Loofe, the two hang out
Nov. 15- Boswell picks up Loofe again, they hang out, according to Boswell, Loofe asks to be dropped off at friend’s house
Nov. 16- Loofe is reported missing
Nov. 19- Trail’s home is searched in Wilber
Nov. 28- Boswell and Trail are named persons of interest in the case
Nov. 29- Trail and Boswell release a video on Facebook titled “our side of it,” which was quickly removed
Authorities launch a large search in Saline and Gage counties
Trail says in new Facebook video, which is later removed, they've decided to turn themselves in because it's their only viable option
Dec. 4- FBI recovers Loofe’s body in rural Clay County
Dec. 5- FBI and LPD hold press conference regarding Loofe's case, authorities say there’s evidence of foul play
Trail and Boswell are persons of interest still being held in Saline County Jail after their arrests in Taney County, Missouri
Dec. 7- Boswell and Trail charged with transporting stolen merchandise across state lines, declared flight risks after Boswell said she’s leaving the country
Dec. 12- Indicted on transporting stolen items, remain incarcerated for it
Jan. 4- Trail is no longer at the Saline County jail, is moved to max security detention center in Leavenworth, Kansas
Boswell is still in the Saline County jail
Jan. 18- Boswell and Trail are indicted on more than dozen federal fraud charges
Jan. 22- Boswell pleads not guilty to federal fraud charges
Jan. 25- Trail pleads not guilty to federal fraud charges
Feb. 2- Trail tells 1011 NOW he killed Loofe
March 13- The federal fraud trial for Trail and Boswell is continued until May
March 22- Trail requests change of plea hearing for his case relating to federal fraud charges
April 3- Trail signs a plea agreement
May 4- Boswell signs a plea agreement
May 8- Both Trail and Boswell change their pleas to guilty in the federal fraud case, they're set for sentencing in August and face 10 years in prison
June 11- Trail and Boswell are charged with 1st-degree murder and improper disposal of human skeletal remains in Loofe's death.

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