Man Frustrated With Ag Business

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Michael Cook says the building behind his yard was originally going to be a seed storage shed. Now he's seen commercial signage and chemical storage, which is concerning him .

Many of the properties surrounding pioneer are considered R-L Suburban Residential Districts. After seeing commercial signs pop up, Cook wasn't happy. He later saw chemicals being stored at the facility and became worried, not only about the value of his property, but if something were to go wrong those chemicals would spill into the ground water pond near the property.

"The problem with that is, any type of rupture of one of the vessels in the building is going to go into the ground water before we have any opportunity to stop it." Cook said.

City council member, Andrew Lee, says Phelps Ag, owner of the building, went through three state agencies and two city departments to ensure everything they were doing was legal.

Cook says it's still too soon to decide if he wants to try the case in a district court, but he should know sometime in the next few weeks.