Master Gardeners program benefits The Faith Ministry Food Pantry

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.- The Nebraska Extension of The Western Central Research Center is offering a new program that benefits The Faith Ministry Food Pantry with fresh produce.

Master Gardeners is a program that started this past January and will run through the end of harvest season.

The program is one where people can volunteer their time for garden education in the greenhouse producing things like beans, honeydew and tomatoes.

Once the product is ripe, it is harvested and donated to the food pantry. District Horticulture Educator David Lott says it's a win-win where the students get hands-on garden education and others at the pantry benefit from the produce.

"This is a wonderful program and we are happy that we have this program here. We are working on a program right now to grow produce for the faith ministry's food pantry. So our master gardeners are learning the technical information about the program and the information on growing vegetables and soils and water conservation and then they learn how to harvest and weigh and then we donate the produce to people in need," said Lott.

The master educators program is open to all adults who want to learn more about horticulture and gardening. It runs seasonally until the frost hits. Lott says they hope to have this program for years to come.