Maywood Public School delivering a little extra

MAYWOOD, Neb. (KNOP-TV) - The Food Service Manager at Maywood Public Schools Lorraine Mullen misses seeing the kids for meals during the school week.

Maywood Public School employees are happy to pack up and deliver lunches to students at their homes. (SOURCE: Melanie Standiford News 2).

"My favorite thing about working here is the kids and seeing them. It's a sad time," said Mullen. "The kids can't be here, but we are glad we can do this service for them. At least it's something a little extra, and hopefully everybody will be back soon. That's what we are hoping."

Mullen works alongside Donna Fischer in the kitchen at the school. Right now they are preparing about 20 meals - both lunch and breakfast. The kids get the current day's lunch and breakfast for the next morning.

Donna Brunns is a bus driver for Maywood Public School. She is one of the drivers who takes the lunches out to the kids. Today it was a cold lunch - a sandwich and all the components of a balanced lunch. And for breakfast Thursday the kids have breakfast pizza to look forward to.

Mullen says they are doing what they can to help where they can. A grant was given to schools who applied to continue the Food Service Program.

Mullen says she feels fortunate to work at Maywood where she is able to keep serving students even while they are unable to come to the school. She says numbers are picking up for students who sign up for deliveries, every day. She said they will be sending out two vans instead of one later in the week.

Up until Wednesday they only had students in Maywood and Curtis to deliver to, but they expect to deliver to kids toward Wellfleet, as well.