McPherson County High School wins One Act D-2 state competition

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP McPherson County High School students are proving that hard work and dedication goes a long way.

In fact, play production students placed first in the Class D-2 state competition.

About 50 schools from across the state competed in the competition last month.

Students say they have come close to winning the state title in the past.

Even though, many schools have taken on the challenging play "Dark Road," McPherson County students believe the timing was right to perform the production.

"I think we accomplished it better than other schools because of our strength as actors and actresses," said senior Garrett Neal. "A lot of the plays that I have seen, it seems like they just want to get out of school and go to the competitions and not try hard and not have to do the homework. But I believe we wanted this more than a lot of other people, so we tried, we worked hard and did the homework so that we could.

Students say winning state has motivated them even more to go for the state title next fall.

Play Director and English Teacher Robyn Dalton wants to thank the community for supporting her students.