McPherson County honors veterans

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. It's Veteran's Day weekend and people in McPherson County got an early start to the celebration.

Community members gathered at McPherson Schools on Friday for a ceremony to honor our nation's veterans. Stories of historic flags were told as they were presented. The students sang patriotic songs as a part of the entertainment.

Gracie is a graduate of McPherson County. She says she was taught at an early age to appreciate our soldiers.

"It's how we were raised. We're small town kids. We were raised on the foundation of believing all of that and being grateful," says Gracie.

"It was really awesome to watch the younger kids gather together and learn the meaning of it and how important it is for our country to celebrate this day."

Gracie says she has a special appreciation for our service men and women because her uncle was in the military.