Medicaid expansion is signed but will take two years to happen

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Kearney, Neb. (KSNB) - Medicaid expansion was passed last November, but it won't actually take affect until October of 2020, almost two years later.

Medicaid Expansion will take two years to kick in.

Some people here in Nebraska are concerned for the welfare of those in need of services now.

The Buffalo County Democrats monthly meeting was one of grave concern. Proper and timely healthcare for all was the primary focus. They are asking people to get involved, know the laws and how they are affecting everyone in the community. This is an issue they say needs to be addressed and hopefully with everyone working together, change can come about. They are concerned about a waiver that puts stipulations on healthcare needs.

"Contacting the Governor, contacting Senators, if people have stories they should share them on why they would benefit from medicaid expansion now. We are encouraging people to take action now and hopefully they will be able to make it happen sooner," said Lauren Williams, Advocacy Strategist, Heartland Planned Parenthood

Another issue addressed at the Monday night meeting, reproductive rights of women, in particular those living below the poverty level.

"It's model legislation that was passed around the country, it talks about what can or can't happen with a medical abortion, it's not based on science or in medicine and it really is an interference between a patient and a physician relationship." Meg, Mikolajczyk, Deputy Director, Heartland Planned Parenthood

If you want to voice any concerns to your state representatives, you can go to for the mailing and email addresses of all of your Nebraska elected officials.

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