Midwest Championship Fighting hoping for a fight as soon as possible

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The St. Paddy's Beatdown was originally scheduled for Mar. 21, but was postponed due to COVID-19. Now, Midwest Championship Fighting has a tentative make-up date for Jun. 6.

A fight during St. Paddy's Beatdown VII in 2019. (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)

MCF President Russ Jones said he has reached out to several state and local agencies for guidance on whether or not the event can be held, and if it can be held, what safety measures need to be taken. Jones said he has reached out to the West Central Health District, Nebraska Athletic Commission, North Platte Police Department, and City of North Platte for guidance, but has not been given any concrete answers, but some have said they will be able to give him more information soon.

"Personally, I don't know how it could happen, I don't know how they're going to say yes," Jones said. "But, if they do, I'm going to try and do everything for my community, and our fans. I'm going to do everything I can to make some sort of event."

Jones said he is prepared to follow any measures set out, in order to hold the event. If that means limiting attendance, requiring or even providing masks, checking temperature of the crowd, he will do it.

"I'll go buy masks and pass out masks. If you want to come to the show you'v got to have a mask, we'll take temperatures, we'll do whatever we need to do to make it happen," Jones said. "So if people want to come, they can come, if you don't want to come, you don't have to come. Maybe say everyone wears a mask, and if you come, you've got to wear a mask, and if you don't want to wear one, too bad then don't come. I don't know what those rules are, I don't know if it's even going to be allowed, but I wish someone would tell me. I'm hoping I can get some results for next Monday."

MCF provides pay-per-view for all of its fights, so they would provide it for the fight, should it happen. Jones said MCF would try to retain most of the fight card from the originally scheduled St. Paddy's Beatdown, but will get whatever kind of a card they can put together. He believes fans will be excited about the prospect of just watching a fight, regardless of what those fights look like.

"We could put together the worst card ever, and they're not going to care as long as they can get out in the world and watch something happen, There are a lot of people out there that want out, so I want to be able to provide that to people," Jones said.

Jones will postpone the fight from Jun. 6 if he is not able to hold it that early, but wants to host a fight as early as he can.

"I'm going to have it as early as I can, if I can't have it on the 6th. If I can figure out a way to make it work on the 6th, I'll have it," Jones said.

Jones also said he has spoken with the NAC about hosting a fight as soon as possible, and he's started looking at the possibility of an outdoor, general admission fight over the summer.