Mike Groene plans for upcoming legislative term

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Senator Mike Groene was voted in for a second four-year term as District 42 State Senator.

Groene has served for the past four years as the state senator and was challenged this year by write-in candidate Judy Pederson.

Groene received 67.03% of the votes while Pederson received 32.68%.

He said one of the the things he is facing is education saying he plans to return control and discipline of the classroom back to teachers and give clear guidance to educators. He wants children taught American civics and to understand the country's history while becoming proud Americans.

"I've made it clear my focus is on the child and parents and the teacher and I'm going to continue to strive to give teachers control of their classroom again upgrade the civics standards and people have responded apparently by the vote to that message so we're going to keep going forward," said Groene.

He said he was humbled by the overwhelming support his campaign received from the voters and is ready to move forward to accomplish what the citizens of Lincoln County want done.

Groene will be in office for a four-year term and then term limits will force him out of office.