Minor injury for man pinned by mower and tractor unit Monday

Early Monday evening 9-1-1 responded to an accident on West State Farm Road where a 71-year old man was pinned between his tractor and mower.

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - A 71-year old man called 911 Monday evening when he became pinned at the calf of his leg between the mower and tractor he was unhooking at his property on West State Farm Road in North Platte.

He called 911 once, saying, "Help," but the call was lost. He called again, and with some old fashioned detective work the response teams were on scene in minutes to help the man.

North Platte Sheriff Deputy Tom Courtner agreed that it was good that the man had a phone on him, and that the situation could have been much more serious. The man was transported to Great Plains health for "a couple stitches," before being able to go home.

Deputy Courtner said that he was told by the ambulance crew that the man was attempting to unhook his tractor from his mower when the mower lurked forward, trapping the calf of his leg between the tractor wheel and the corner of the mower. He had a small puncture wound to his calf.

Deputy Courtner said this is the first accident of this type he knows of this year, and hopes this is the worst of it.