Missing Silver Star medal returned to World War II veteran

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OMAHA, Neb. -- It was just another weekend for Marvin Sewing until he received a package in the mail he would’ve never guessed would come his way.

Sewing is a 98-year-old Army veteran. He served in World War II.

He fought numerous battles and saw unthinkable things on the front line in Italy.

"This is how they hung them,” Sewing described of photos he took during the war. "Here is where the Germans burned the bodies."

Sewing was awarded numerous medals for his service, including the Silver Star. It’s awarded to those who fought bravely fighting against the enemy.

“The Germans were up on the top of the hill. They had big guns,” Sewing said.

He received a Bronze Star medal in 1945 after he and his battalion pursued the Germans and ran into battle.

Sewing’s award medal stated he had “disregard for personal safety, left his place of cover and loaded and evacuated many wounded in a two-and-a-half ton truck, under continued enemy fire, after all medical vehicles had been knocked out.”

"It didn't scare me when I was doing it. You just had to do it,” Sewing said.

Sewing told 6 News Germans were shooting at the Americans from on top of a hill, making their targets easy to hit. Sewing said Americans, on the other hand, didn’t have as easy of a target as they had to shoot up in order to get the enemy.

"I didn't do it all by myself, too. I'm not taking all the credit, but we saved a lot of lives,” Sewing said.

At the time of his award, Sewing said he didn’t know how to feel about it, but over the years, he’s grown to be quite proud of them.

However, it disappeared years ago, and he can’t remember how he lost it in the first place.

He and the staff at Elm Crest Senior Living Community where he lives did whatever they could to track it down. They even contacted their local VA Office to ask for help.

“There wasn’t a big paper trail,” Kathy Goede with Elm Crest said.

Goede spearheaded efforts to find the medal, calling whoever she could to try and replace the medal.

“I thought, ‘Gee, I’m going to try to get him to replacement.’ But it didn’t work out, and we kind of gave up on the idea,” Goede said.

Saturday, though, changed it all when Goede received a phone call from staff telling her about a package that came for Sewing.

“This gentleman that – he was another veteran – and was at a yard sale in Waterloo, Iowa, and found that there,” Goede said.

Inside the postmarked package from a Mr. Kristopher Fix was Sewing’s Bronze Star Medal, Silver Star Medal and a letter. Fix, a Marine Corps veteran himself, wrote Sewing to tell him he had to find him to return the precious and well-deserved medal.

“I think some people are more proud of them than I am,” Sewing said.

Finding the medal’s owner didn’t come easy for Fix. Sewing engraved his name on the back, but trying to find a proper phone number or address took a little digging for Fix.

6 News was able to speak with Fix over the phone. He said he had the medal for a little more than two weeks. He wanted to be able to hand deliver it, but could not due to some personal issues, which is why he sent it through the mail instead.

"Couldn't believe it. He doesn't know me at all!” Sewing said.

Now more than anything, Fix wants to hear how Sewing received the medal. He plans on making the more than three hour drive from Waterloo, Iowa to Harlan sometime in August.

Sewing said he would love to meet Fix in person to thank him for his selfless act.

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