Money Talks When Finding Lost Pets

NORTH PLATTE. Neb -- North Platte resident Nate Bockus is on a mission to find his missing cat and his effort has caught on.

"You know, I talk to her like she's my best bud and with out her my house is super quite and it's hard to be without her," says Bockus.

The effort has touched the hearts of people far and wide.

"I apparently just touched a lot of people and so I started getting phone calls, texts, messages on Facebook from people all over the world and they were offering condolences, thoughts, support; everybody's just like 'I'll throw $100, I'll throw $50,'" says Bockus.

Now, Nate's reward fund is well over $1300 to bring home the one year old cat named Feline.

"My friend Jason in Australia, he actually called me and he goes 'hey, I'll throw in $500 on that reward' and I was like, 'dude you can't do that. You know, it's fine we're gonna find her' and then the next thing I know he posts on my Facebook page and says 'I'll offer a $1000 reward on top of everyone else's reward money to help bring Nate's companion home," says Bockus.

Animal rescue volunteer Jessica Sprague says reward money tends to spur the action of the community.

"I mean the more money, it doesn't hurt because if someone has the cat, money talks," says Sprague.

For Nate, the love and support from friends, family, and even strangers is meaningful but finding Feline would mean the most.

Nate is asking people to check their sheds and garages to possibly help find his cat and to also help spread the word to those who are not on social media.