Motorcyclists riding for a cause

Motorcycle parked and ready for the 14th Annual Mikey Ride. (SOURCE: KNOP-TV/Jace Barraclough)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Bikers met in Wallace Saturday morning for the sake of helping someone in need.

It was the 14th Annual Mikey Ride.

Motorcyclists from surrounding areas meet at Mike Maupins' house for a day of riding on the open road during the day and a fun charity auction and dinner at night.

All of this year's proceeds are going to 34-year-old Bo Young who suffered complications after a gastric bypass surgery.

Young is currently receiving treatment at the Bryan West Hospital in Lincoln.

"This is our 14th year of doing it. Every year it just seems to get better and bigger." said Organizer Mike Maupin.

"We get so much support from our community. Our community supports this 110%. I'm so proud of our community."

The crew started in Wallace and then made their way to Holyoke, Colorado before making their way back.