Movie shot in North Platte to debut at Texas film festival

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NORTH PLATTE. Neb -- A movie shot in North Platte in 2017 is making its debut in 2019 at a Texas Film Festival. Bob Byington hired some local actors to play the extra roles in a movie he now calls "Frances Ferguson."

The working title as scenes were shot at the Lincoln County Courthouse and Jail as "The Substitution." Byington is a Lincoln man and now lives in Austin Texas.

"Frances Ferguson" will be at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin. The first showing is March 10th. On the web site, the movie is describes the life of Frances Ferguson as she "pays the price" for "acting out."

ORIGINAL STORY: Sept. 20, 2017
Production for The Substitution is in full swing here in North Platte.

Auditions were announced for extras In the movie a few weeks ago.
Today, September 20th, 2017 those extras got to do their part shooting scenes at the courthouse. There were roughly 20 people of all ages.

They hope to finish filming by the end of the month.

Locals say they are just happy to have the opportunity to be a part of the project.

"I'm just excited to be here, to see kinda how it works behind the scenes type of thing. Always loved movies, always loved the behind the scenes, how things work. So, it's exciting to see this, have this opportunity to do that. Whether I make it in or not, at least it's something I can say I tried to be a part of," says, Matt Fletcher, an extra in the movie.

Once released the movie will be available on Netflix or Amazon.