Ms. Habitat 2019 is bringing Law & Order to the community

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. What do crowns and homes have in common? The answer is the Ms. Habitat competition.

The pageant was held at the Sandhills Convention Center in North Platte on Saturday night.

There were eleven contestants who participated in various fundraisers for Habitat For Humanity. The contestant who earned the most money was able to take home the crown and sash.

The winner and new Ms. Habitat for 2019 is Ms. Law & Order Lisa Citta.

"I learned early on with this group of women that we were going to work together and the community would be amazing- which they were," says Citta.

"It just kind of became a group effort. Everybody was pushing everybody to do things and get out there to do events. When you saw one person out there doing something it just made you want to work harder. Like I said, it was a competition but we just wanted to work harder and do better for Habitat."

To keep up on events for Habitat For Humanity in North Platte, you can visit their Facebook page.