NASA educates high ability learners in Mars simulation

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- High Ability Learners at Adams Middle School collaborated with NASA to complete a simulation of implementing a facility on Mars.

High Ability Learning students learn from NASA how to do a group simulated project of bringing a facility to Mars. They used math, science, and group collaboration to complete the simulation. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)

Marie Brosius, the HAL Coordinator at Adams Middle School, said this gives students a chance to learn more outside of regular classes.

"I think it helps them obviously when they're applying on their college resumes but it also helps them think a little bit higher. This is not something we can do in the classroom. I mean I have 110 students in my class. This is designed to just get those higher learners a little bit more activity that is above what we normally do in the classroom," said Brosius.

They used math, science, formulas, and problem solving to complete the activity.

Matthew Mcneel, a Hal Student said he enjoys the science aspect of the activity.

"I think it just challenged me and it's good to work together with other people whoa re intelligent and know that we can challenge ourselves even further and work together," said Mcneel.

A large focus was to communicate with each other and resolve the problem within a group.

Avery Zurn and Ellie Blakely, Hal Students like to be around others who like to learn new things like they do.

"It's fun to be around people that want to learn more and like that are interested in it and there's no one to really hold you back about what you're learning about," said Zurn.

High Ability Learners have had other activities such as quizbowls and other scientific simulations and social events. Through this work students learn what skills they thrive in and how to use them in real life scenarios. The school hopes this can help students further their learning and growth in school.