NEBRASKAland DAYS continues with Family Night

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- NEBRASKAland DAYS continued Monday night with Family Night at the Wild West Arena.

The NEBRASKAland DAYS family night event is beloved by all walks of life.

"It's a clean safe place to come, to meet with family and friends, to hear good speakers and music," Mary Shimmin, attendee, said.

"I like music, I kind of want to do music and stuff when I'm older," Cayden Roehrs, attendee, said.

Family Night brings people in for the live entertainment, and uplifting environment.

"Every year, it seems like there's always a lot of people that come and really enjoy it," Barb ingle, volunteer, said.

Organizer, Brent Montgomery, said they strive to provide family, and Christ based entertainment.

"The goal tonight is to have fun, and lift Jesus Christ's' name upon," Montgomery said.

This year, the artist Yancy took the stage to perform,

"If you've gone to church anywhere the curriculum, or bible school, she's done the music for it," Montgomery said.

Before the concert, Tom Osborne, a Nebraska legend, spoke about his mentor program, 'TeamMates'.

Throughout the night, the crowd was cheering, dancing, and even did some singing.

The tradition continued with free ice cream and cookies, and of course, there was no admission as well

The event is hosted by NEBRASKAland DAYS, but lead by North Platte Ministerial Association.

Some attendees said it's an event, they look forward to every year

"I think this is something we will always, remember we always put it on our calendar," David and Marlys Weber, attendees, said.