NP 911 Center rolls out text to 911

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP People experiencing an emergency in Lincoln County can now text 911 for help.

While calling 911 is still going to be your best option, dispatchers understand there are some cases where texting could be your only option, such as when talking could put you in danger or you don't have good cellphone service.

Officials say this option is especially helpful for people with speech and hearing impairment, but still stress it should only be used by the general public as a last resort.

"The location accuracy is very poor and so you have to be able to get an accurate location via text message or we'd be able to offer you no help," said North Platte Police Department Lieutenant Steve Reeves. "Also, for those other reasons, for safety, that way we can tell what is going on with the scene and ask questions much faster and not tie up a 911 operator not nearly as long. So we want the voice call if it's safe and possible."

If you must text, you should send your exact address, nature of the emergency and if you need police, fire or medical.

Do not use abbreviations or emoji's.