North Platte Giving day final results released

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP 1,106 separate donations raised $271,272 during the 24-hour Giving Day in North Platte. The top three charities: Prairie Arts Center, Great Plains Health Care Foundation and North Platte Catholic Schools Endowment-Trust.

Prairie Arts Center came in first, with $77,210 donations.
You can go to to see a full list of results.

“The 1,106 donations this year speaks loudly about the generosity of people here as well as the level of support for local nonprofit causes,” said Eric Seacrest, Executive Director of the Community Foundation.


Wednesday was the day to give for North Platte Giving Day. During the annual Giving Day, folks donated to 68 local organizations and the numbers were bigger this year than last year.

A total of 837 donations raised $235,996 in just 24 hours. That's over 4 thousand dollars more than last year's donation of $231,844.

The top three local organizations that received the most donations were the Prairie Arts Center, Great Plains Health Care Foundation and North Platte Catholic Schools Endowment-Trust.

The amount in donations as follows:

Prairie Arts Center: $71,980

Great Plains Health Care Foundation: $29,009

North Platte Catholic Schools Endowment-Trust: $22,590

Original Story : Wed 5:34 PM, May 08, 2019
More than sixty-five local charities were in the spotlight as the community comes together for the fourth annual Giving Day.

"Even though there are lots of qualified one's on the list some of them work harder than others and are involved in getting it done faster, so everybody has a chance and that's what's great," said Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation Member and Giving Day Committee Member Alan Erickson.

Keith Allen is the Supportive Services for Veterans and Families Case Manager and helps veterans who are facing homelessness.

"If a veteran who is renting a home somewhere is struggling and say he loses his job for some reason or just gets behind in bills we can step in and pay his rent and utilities so that they can be more self-sufficient," Allen said.

His region is also the largest in Nebraska. Allen says as the weather gets warmer there will be an influx of veterans needing help. He says without these donations it will be difficult to do his job.

"They gather in campsites and part of the process is to find and wonder into those campsites to try to find how many of those people are veterans."

So far, the campaign has raised more than half a million dollars to local charities over the past four years.

"It really doesn't matter in the amount of money, it is just an opportunity for people to help and help charities that need some help," Erickson said.

Nebraskaland National Bank held a drawing for non-profit organizations that participated in their luncheon for the chance to win $500. The Boy Scouts of America Overland Trails Council won the drawing.

The North Platte Catholic School Endowment Trust also received an additional $15,000 from Sandhills State Bank.

Endowment executive director Wendy Dodson says even though the generation donation will put them over their Giving Day goal, the funds will allow for additional improvement projects at McDaid Elementary.

"This school was built in 1955 so these light fixtures are pretty old and we wanted to start here first," said Dodson. "But this donation might allow us to also look at the lighting at McDaid and some other needs that will be finishing touches in both of our gym facilities."

Donations can me made to local charities through the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation website until midnight.