NP golf courses changing operating procedures

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - One activity that can still be continued during the Coronavirus is golfing. Being outside and spread out, golf courses are able to operate, but local courses are changing their operating procedures for the foreseeable future.

Golf courses around North Platte are making changes to operating procedures amid Coronavirus pandemic. (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)

"You know it's different times in the world right now, so everybody's had to change the way they live and do things," said River's Edge Golf Course General Manager, Bear Jorgenson. "As far as the golf course goes, we're outside and fresh air, so we're just trying to make it as safe as we can for our patrons our golfers."

River's Edge, Lake Maloney, Iron Eagle, and Indian Meadows golf courses are practicing social distancing, making sure they sanitize frequently touched surfaces, and disinfecting golf carts every time they are used.

"We're sanitizing the golf carts as they come in and go out. All the pro shop is sanitized," Jorgenson said.

"As much of the frequently touched surfaces as we can, we're wiping down constantly throughout the day," said Lake Maloney Director of Golf, Will Peers. "We wipe the carts down when we bring them up in the morning, and then when then again when they come back in after golfers are done, if they're going to go back out we wipe the carts back down."

Lake Maloney has closed its clubhouse except for patrons who wish to use the restrooms, and moved sign-ups and food ordering through a window.

Another Round Bar and Grill, at River's Edge, is limiting dine-in customers, and instead pushing for delivery, and car-side takeout.

The courses have worked together with local officials, and followed guidelines set by the state.

"Governor Ricketts has come out and gave some guidelines, and our local leadership has been unbelievable, just talking with them, and they're telling some of the guidelines. Put together what they're telling us, we want everybody safe, and that's what we're doing now," Jorgenson said.

"I wanted to make sure that we were taking the right precautions to keep our guests and our members and our employees as safe as possible," Peers said.

A list of some of the notable changes each golf course in North Platte has implemented:
Lake Maloney
- Clubhouse closed, except for restrooms, food and sign-ups done through walk-up window
- Wiping down carts before and after use
- Wiping down frequently touched surfaces

River's Edge
- Another Round moved to pick-up and delivery
- Filter in cups, to limit touching of flags
- Sanitizing golf carts as they go in and out
- On course restrooms closed
- No rakes and water coolers on course
- Pro shop will not handle golfers' bags or clean clubs
- Driving range and putting green limited to 15 minute intervals

Indian Meadows
- No more than four people in the clubhouse at once
- Sanitizing golf carts when groups go out and come in
- Increasing frequency of cleaning tables and bar
- Hand sanitizer available

Iron Eagle
- Bleach wash golf carts before and after use
- Range balls washed in commercial washer
- Golfers urged to putt with flag in